Bicycle Safety is a program which emphasizes to elementary school students the importance of properly wearing helmets and following traffic laws. Children’s bicycles are inspected and checked for safety, as well as, helmets are provided free of charge to children in need of one.

Child Identification Program provides parents/guardians with fingerprint cards and critical identification information forms to keep in a safe place in the event this pertinent information is needed for provision to law enforcement.

Eddie Eagle gun safety program is geared toward pre-school, elementary school and middle school students. Emphasis is placed on not touching a firearm and the proper way to advise an adult when coming into contact with a firearm.

A safety gun lock program is presented to adults wherein various sized gun locks are provided to them, free of charge, with instruction on utilizing them to better protect children and others from accidentally firing the weapon.

File of Life refrigerator magnet pockets are provided through a program sponsored by Community Policing wherein files with pertinent medical, family, insurance, etc. information is kept in a easily identified red File of Life magnet holder. Along with this magnet pocket holder for the refrigerator is a sticker which is placed on the front window or door of the residence, alerting emergency personnel to the File of Life information and since persons are instructed on placing it on their refrigerator, emergency personnel immediately know to seek this information at that location.

A 4 week Citizen's Police Academy is offered in the fall and spring of each year to give local citizens a look at the operations and functions of the Sheriff's Office. Many who attended the academy joined the Alumni Association, which offers opportunities to volunteer at various functions of the office.

Because many times we only hear about our youth when they have done something negative, a program called "Do The Right Thing" was formed. The Sheriff's Office, in partnership with local media, recognize young people who set good examples for their classmates.

Seniors in Bay County can also benefit from several programs offered by Community Services, including the Gatekeeper Program, which provides daily phone calls to area seniors to ensure their safety and independence.

Longstanding, the Neighborhood Crime Watch program helps create a network of neighbors who, with proper training, learn to take charge of the safety and security of their homes, families and neighbors. They become the civilian “eyes and ears” of the Sheriff’s Office.

The Chaplain Corp is allotted 10 volunteer chaplain positions and are supervised by 1 full time chaplain. These chaplains originate from diverse denominations and are available for various needs and requests of not only Sheriff’s Office employees, but their families, friends and members of the community.

Church Watch provides security checks and safety tips to area religious centers by offering programs relating to crime prevention and law enforcement awareness. A second objective of this program is to provide a congregation with a safe and secure place to meet and worship.