The Jail Facility contracts with ARAMARK, Inc. for commissary items approved for inmate purchase. Inmates can purchase several types of items directly from the commissary. The types of items include 28 different health items, 23 general merchandise items, clothing, postal supplies, beverages, cookies, pastries, chips, snacks and candy. A total of 151 items are available for purchase.

Inmates must complete an order form the day before their regularly scheduled delivery day. Due to the use of scanners, the inmate is responsible for properly filling out the order form or the order will be rejected by the system.

The ICARE system is an on-line ordering system for inmates to receive items purchased by their family. No longer does a family member have to travel to the Jail Facility to place an order. If you wish to place an order, please visit the ICARE website at or 1-888-439-5020 for further information.