What is "Meth"?

The drug is called Methamphetamine or "Meth".  It is produced in clandestine laboratories.   "Meth" can be easily cooked using common household chemicals made in conjunction with asthma or cold remedies sold over the counter, or in a more elaborate fashion using chemicals purchased through the Internet.

Clandestine Laboratory Indicators:


Clan Labs are extremely dangerous.  Many of the chemicals found in these labs are very corrosive or flammable.  The vapors that are evolved from the chemical reactions attack mucous membranes, skin, eyes, respiratory tract.  Some chemicals will react with water or other chemicals and cause a fire or explosion.

Effects on Brain

"Meth" initially sends the brain a feeling of pleasure, but as the drug is abused the pleasurable feeling is lost.  The "Meth" abuser suffers the same addiction cycle as crack cocaine abusers.  The biggest difference, however, is that while crack binges rarely last more than 72 hours, meth binges can last up to 2 weeks.
Under the effects of "Meth", you'll become agitated and feel "wired".  Their behavior can become very unpredictable.  They can be friendly and calm one moment and turn angry and paranoid the next.  The abuse of "Meth" drives most people into a depression which leads into paranoia, and aggression.

Booby Traps

The following is a generic description of various types of booby-traps which have been encountered by law enforcement personnel at clan lab sites.

Minimizing the Effects of a Booby-Trap

For more information or to report a Methamphetamine Lab in your area contact the Special Investigations Division at (850) 747-4700 ext. 2700 or send email to methlabs@bayso.org