The following is a list of addiction treatment centers providing and or advertising services in the Panama City / Bay County area. This list was obtained from the ATT&T yellow pages solely for the purpose of providing information for those seeking assistance for a chemical dependence for themselves or a loved one.. This is in no way an endorsement by the Bay County Sheriff's Office for any of the providers listed below but is provided as a public service.
Center For Recovery
(800) 851-3291

Addiction Help
(800) 494-1981

Abuse Addiction Agency
(800) 446-4710

Access Recovery Solutions
(850) 522-1516

Bradford Health Services
(800) 333-1865

Bridging The Gap Recovery
(850) 249-4300

Chemical Addictions Recovery Effort Inc.
(850) 872-7676

Friary A Service of Lakeview Center Inc
(800) 332-2271

G & G Addiction Center
(866) 439-6795

Seabrook House
(888) 263-8458

The Treatment Center
(888) 397-1346

Twelve Oaks
(800) 622-1255
(850) 763-6340

Unlimited Path
(850) 522-1533