School Resource Deputy (SRD) program is a group consisting of 18 certified and extensively trained deputy sheriffs who are assigned full time to a school and 1 supervising lieutenant, also a certified SRD, in Bay County.

SRDs not only provide security and safety to the students and staff at their school but teach classes, provide parent/teacher meetings, student counseling, investigate criminal activity and exhibits a commitment to the students through their positive law enforcement actions.

As a component of the SRD pro-active stance is the use of In Site, a new system which replaced the formerly utilized GangNet. InSite is a centralized statewide gang intelligence database that allows criminal justice agencies to exchange gang information accurately and expeditiously.

As InSite certified SRDs receive information relating to local gang activity they, in turn, immediately relay this valuable information to one of three certified InSite personnel for entry into this system. Through this system they are allowed to monitor local activity, membership and location of residence.

InSite also provides the capability to cross reference gang names, member names, signs, alias, monikers, vehicles, etc. of all documented gang members statewide, local and incarcerated. These SRDs are also responsible for 20 elementary “feeder” schools within the Bay District School area. SRDs primarily function in a pro-active status but have dedicated themselves to reaching youth in need of “a little extra” attention.

To reach youth, school resource deputies host three, one week sessions of Wilderness Camp for boys and girls,ages 12-17, which teaches the value of teamwork, dedication and making positive life choices. This camp is funded primarily by a golf tournament sponsored by the SRDs during the year, wherein youth can attend at no cost to themselves, parents or guardians.