Major and Captain drug bust



April 9, 2019


The Bay County Sheriff’s Office announced today the arrest of two individuals for drug trafficking.


On April 5, the Sheriff’s Office was informed of a suspicious vehicle in a parking lot on 11th Street. Major Stanford and Captain Daffin were close by and located the vehicle. A drug detection dog assisted in gaining probable cause to search the vehicle.


Approximately 1.5 pounds of marijuana and 300 white pills were found. Investigators believe the pills may be Xanax. The pills were sent to a laboratory to confirm they are Xanax.


Alexis Perry, 25, and Nathan E McGriff, 27, have both been charged with Possession of Alprazolam with intent to distribute and Possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.






Prepared by H. Goodson

Informed by Lt. K Francis

Approved by Chief J. Heape