A preset bond established by the Administrative Order #2021-01-03, Attachment One, can be paid by cash or money order only. A child support purge can be paid by cash or money order. The money order shall be made out to Bay County Sheriff’s Office. A regular bond may be paid with cash at the Warrants Division located at the Bay County Jail Facility, or through a Bail Bondsman. (Contact numbers for bonding companies are posted in the Warrants Division Lobby and listed in the phone book). 

Jail Facility Staff will not recommend a bonding agency. Payment with credit card must be done in person at the Bay County Warrants Office and the person presenting the credit card must have valid identification. An issued DMV card is a valid source of identification. The name on the credit card must be the same name on the issued DMV photo identification card.

Rev 06/01/2023

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