When an inmate is released from jail by posting bond or otherwise released by the Court, he/she is released through the Releasing Section of the Facility. Prior to being released, all Court papers shall be verified to ensure proper release and a criminal background check must be conducted to determine if the inmate has any other outstanding charges. All inmates being released must be turned over to a responsible party who will transport the inmate from the facility. If the inmate cannot obtain transportation from the jail, he/she will be transported to the Bay County Sheriff's Office on Highway 77 by B.C.J.F. transport staff.

Persons who wish to arrange pick up for an inmate being released must report to the front lobby of the Jail and inform personnel who they wish to pick up. The staff person will contact the Releasing Section and advise them that the inmate's transportation has arrived. Usually, the person will be invited to remain in the lobby until the inmate is ready to exit the building. By remaining in the lobby, individuals can be kept updated on the progress of the release process and then be notified when the inmate is ready and be given directions to the releasing door.

 Rev 06/01/2023