Booking handles the intake of all persons arrested and transported to the Bay County Jail to be processed on charges filed against them. During the booking process, inmates will be fingerprinted, photographed, showered, medically screened, and issued a jail uniform. All personal property is inventoried and stored, and any money will be inventoried and placed in the inmate's account. All inmates are provided access to make phone calls while in the booking process. Once an inmate is processed, he/she is placed in temporary housing status until the entire classification process is completed and appropriate housing is determined. At any time during this process, the individual can post bond or be otherwise released from custody by the Court System.

If bond has not been determined for the inmate on the charges filed against him/her, the inmate must appear before a Judge for First Appearance within 24 hours. First Appearance is held via Video Monitor at the jail which is linked to the Bay County Court House. The presiding Judge can determine a bond amount, order the inmate to be held without bond, or release the inmate on their own recognizance.

 Rev 06/01/2023