Bay County is divided into two districts, east and west. The East District is comprised of the eastern half of Bay County including the city of Callaway.  The majority of the East District is comprised of uniformed patrol deputies. The East District is under the command of Captain Michael Branning. Captain Branning oversees East District Patrol, Traffic unit, Honor Guard, Marine unit, the Callaway and Fountain CPO's and Auxiliary/Reserve unit.

The men and women of patrol make up the largest and most recognized unit of the Sheriff's Office.  The East District patrol unit responds to over 45,000 calls for service annually. You will find these deputies in your neighborhood patrolling the streets, helping victims of crimes, looking for missing persons, and answering calls for service. Patrol units are quite often the first on the scene and the agency's first line of defense. Patrol deputies are not only reactive, but proactive in their duties. The patrol section also assists other various divisions of the Sheriff's Office throughout their daily functions. Patrol also preforms business and residential security checks. The patrol unit provides professional law enforcement protection 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The East District also has CPO "Crime Prevention Offices" the deputies assigned to these offices "Crime Prevention Deputies" primary functions are to deter and reduce crime. Their objectives are to reduce your vulnerability to a crime, provide safety information, and give community residents and business opportunity's to interact with a deputy in an informative and constructive manner. CPO Deputies attend community meetings and help in coordinating community functions.  CPO Deputes gather information from residents, business owners, homeowner associations, and community meetings and disseminate it to other divisions within the Sheriff's office to detour crime.

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