The Bay County Jail now has off-site visitation for family, friends, and others in the community.  You may not schedule a visit before 90 days after being released from the Jail Facility.  A valid driver's license, photo identification card, or passport is required. Visitors to this facility must present and maintain appropriate dress, behavior and conduct in keeping with the needs of this facility. This includes no cell phones, or any type of electronic device, no purse, bags, backpacks, or strollers. There is no food or drinks in the on-site visitation area. There is no profanity or screaming or the visit will be cancelled. All minors must be accompanied by an adult. It shall be the responsibility of the visitor to always exercise control over the infants and children. The offenders will have a minimum of 4 visits a week for 30 minutes. During this time on-site visitation is cancelled until further notice.  To schedule either offsite please call Via Path Technologies 1-888-516-0115 and must set up an account with

An off-site visitation is offered by Via Path Technologies. The off-site visit will allow the visitor to visit from home or work. This off-site visitation will allow connectivity from a computer or mobile device. There are certain requirements for off-site visitation the visitor shall not introduce an additional recording device into the remote visit. At no time will there be exposing oneself of any nudity (breasts, buttocks, genitalia) or any revealing clothing. This will result in immediate termination or suspension of the account. There shall be no sexual gestures, poses, or performances. Visitors shall refrain from displaying of weapons, ammunition, or any type of destructive device. The off-site visitation shall not present consumption of alcohol, drugs or drug paraphernalia, photos, or actual items. If the visitor is operating a vehicle during the visitation, it will be immediately suspended. Visitors if you are allowing others to utilize your account you will be subject to suspension. Visitors may not generate several accounts for multiple visits this result in suspension of those accounts. There will be no approved visitation with persons whom the court has placed a non-contact order.


Creating a Video Visitation Account

Go to  You can also download the mobile app from the Apple Store and/or Google Play. Under 'Don’t have an Account?' click 'Create one here'.  

Enter all the required information. You will also need to upload a picture of your drivers license & may upload a profile picture.  

Add an inmate to your contacts list and/or all the inmate clients you would like to conduct video visit Interviews with.

You will receive a verification email within 24hours and must complete the verification.

You will also receive a phone or text verification to verify that the phone number provided is correct.
If you want to pay for the video visits ($.25 per minute), you will need to fund your account using a credit or debit card. Or, if the Inmate you will be video visiting has funds, they can pay for the video visits conducted.

You can then schedule video visits with your Inmate by signing into your account, selecting the Inmate you would like to visit from your contacts list, and scheduling a remote visit.

To schedule a remote visit, select the date you’d like to schedule for then select morning, afternoon, or evening.

The available time slots will show. Select the desired time slot for the visit & confirm.

At the time of your scheduled visit, login to your account, in the top right-hand corner of the screen, click My Visits, and then click start to initiate the visit. Please make sure you have good internet connection, a microphone, & camera connected to your device. 

Scheduled visits show on the inmate's list of upcoming video visits and they can choose to accept or deny the scheduled visit.

You can also conduct a visit on demand! Select your inmate contact & choose the VisitNow option.

If there is an available visitation station in the inmate's housing unit, the visit station will ring advising them they have an incoming video visit.
The inmate will login to the station, accept the incoming visit, and the video visit will connect. 
Please note that you will also be able to message your Inmate from your GettingOut account and they can message you back! Messages are charged at $.25 per message. 
You can also send photos to your Incarcerated loved one from your GettingOut account at $.50 per photo sent. Note that ALL photos are reviewed by the facility before they are delivered electronically to the Inmate and there can be no nudity, profanity, paraphernalia, or other Inappropriate Images as those photos will be denied & no refund will be Issued. 

Ecards can be sent from your GettingOut account to your Incarcerated loved one for $.25 per ecard.

Phone Calls

If you would like to pay for the phone calls received from an Inmate, you will need to create an account at & put fund on the phone number you will be receiving calls at.

Funding Your Inmate

To fund your Inmate's account, you can only deposit money to their Keefe Trust/Commissary account using the lobby kiosk at the jail or via Keefe's web portal.   After you post funds to your Inmate's Keefe account, the Inmate then chooses how much they want to transfer to their ViaPath account free of charge to be used to pay for phone calls, video visits, and/or messages.


Billing and Pre-Paid Inquiries 877-650-4249
Automated Pre-Paid Services 800-483-8314

Customer Support numbers & email addresses are also listed on both &

Rev. 06/01/2023