The Criminal Investigations Division, or C.I.D., is under the command of Captain Jason Daffin and is responsible for investigating persons and property crimes occurring in Bay County. In addition to the investigation and prosecution of criminals, these professionals are responsible for crime scene investigations, administration of truth verification devices, gathering and compiling of criminal intelligence and evidence processing and storage. 


Sixteen investigators are assigned major crimes such as homicides, rapes robberies, and home invasions, as well as property crimes such as auto thefts, burglaries, and financial or fraud cases like pyramid schemes and credit card scams.

This division also includes investigators who work with the Child Advocacy Center and specialize in crimes against children, a unit that specialize in Domestic Violence crimes, investigators who focus on sexual offenders and predators and monitor internet traffic for offenders who target children. The Crime Scene Unit provides highly trained crime scene investigators, who gather and study evidence and present it in the courtroom at trial. 

Because of the advanced technology and training contained within this division, investigators are frequently asked to assist other municipalities with all aspects of crime investigations. The implementation of the Cold Case Squad (experienced investigators from area law enforcement agencies assigned to work unsolved homicides) has already seen several old murder cases solved and the unit continues to look at other unsolved cases.

The Criminal Investigations Division continues to work with local, state, and federal agencies as well as working hand in hand with the prosecutors office.

Rev 06/01/2023