Inmate Mail

Inmate Mail

Routine letters and family pictures are generally accepted and scanned into the Kiosk system and made available for Inmate access. Original letters and pictures will be discarded after scanned into the Kiosk system. Mail containing any material that is deemed a threat to the facility, staff or other inmates will be rejected. Mail that is of a sexual nature, or encouraging violence, or instructions about how to make any item of contraband will be rejected. All other items including paperback religious materials shipped directly from the manufacturer will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

For security purposes, all inmate mail is searched upon receipt by the Jail Facility.

Legal paperwork from attorneys may be received and opened in the presence of the inmate. No food, medicines, greeting cards, pens, pencils, markers, envelopes, stamps, stickers, packages, or cash will be accepted through the mail. Money Orders may be mailed to the Facility and the inmate's account will be credited. Religious items may be requested by the inmate through the Chaplain’s Department. 

Photographs will only be accepted if they are deemed not to be offensive, are not of a sexual nature, do not contain any gang references, and do not display guns, drugs, or drug paraphernalia and intoxicants. Inmates may only possess ten pictures at any given time. Original photographs will be discarded after being scanned in to the Kiosk for inmate access.


All correspondence addressed to an inmate must have the following:

1) Name and address of the sender in case the item is rejected 

2) Inmate's Name and Booking Number, Control or Commissary Number.

3) Mailing Address:

5700 Star Lane

Panama City, Florida 32404

Rev 02/28/2022